From preventive care to restorative and cosmetic treatments, we offer a wide range of dental services to meet your unique oral health needs.


The team in our dental office is devoted to taking care of your oral health, above all to prevent oral diseases and decrease the need for treatment.After the examination and making a digital x-ray our team will provide you the best quality interventions. The most common interventions in general dentistry are: taking care of emergency pain case, fiilings-we are using the top quality fillings to take care of the cavities or broken teeth, root canal treatments, prevention performed by using fluor products.
All of the dental interventions are performed using local anesthesia, completely painless.


Orthodontic treatment can provide you the smile that you wish in the most biological way possible. Using braces or aligners we can put your teeth in the right place within a short time period. In our office we offer you different types of orthodontic treatment adjusted to your desire. We also perform surgical interventions required in the treatment as corticotomy, frenulectomy, gingivectomi, putting mini implants.


Dental prosthetics can provide you replacement of your lost teeth by using crowns, bridges or dentures, in order to recover teeth function and esthetics. Crowns and bridges can be metal-porcelain or nonmetal-porcelain, produced using different manufacture process.After making analisys and examination, considering patients wishes the dentist will suggest you the best solution.


Implants represent a replacement for lost natural teeth.
Check if you are a candidate for implants:
1. You are missing a tooth
2. You wear prostheses (jaws) that are uncomfortable and non-functional
3. You don't have enough teeth to fit a fixed bridge
4. You have advanced gum disease and loose multiple teeth
Implants are titanium biocompatible replacement roots, which are placed in the jawbones and fixed prosthetic aids are made over them. They can offer a long-term solution in very complicated situations even in those cases where in the past rehabilitation with implants could not be performed and patients had to be satisfied with classic mobile prostheses, wait a long time without teeth, scrape healthy teeth to bridging the faults, etc.
With the development of new technologies, it is now possible to place implants even in some of the following cases:
1. Placement of a solo implant in the front aesthetic region immediately after tooth extraction, with simultaneous placement of a temporary tooth
2. Placement of 4 or 6 implants (All on 4/6) in a toothless jaw or immediately after extraction of several teeth, with placement of a temporary fixed bridge in the first 5-7 days
3. Placement of implants in a bone that is very thin or low, using specially designed short implants, implants with a thin structure or with previous operative techniques to improve the quality and quantity of the bone.
If you are worried and interested in the most appropriate solution, it is a good idea to talk to our expert team who, after a proper evaluation of the 3D x-ray, will propose an individual therapy plan


Periodontology includes prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) and surgical placement of dental implants.
Periodontal treatments include:
1. Periodontal maintenance (tartar cleaning, polishing and sandblasting)
2. Deep periodontal cleaning
3. Periodontal surgery
-flap operations-to reduce periodontal pockets
-soft-tissue grafts- for the treatment of recessions, i.e. exposed roots
- extraction of teeth
- bone grafts
- surgical extension of crowns (gingivectomy, gingivoplasty)
-frenulectomy (lingual/labial)
- placement of dental implants

Note: Healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth.


X-ray photography in our office is taken with digital x-ray machine which can provide decreased exposition and radiation for the patient.You can have your x-ray photo within 15 seconds.


Performing the interventions on the soft tissues on the oral cavity we use different kind of lasers in order of cutting the gums or stimulation of faster healing and minimising the pain.


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