General dentistry

The team in our dental office is devoted to taking care of your oral health,above all to prevent oral diseases and decrease the need for treatment.After the examination and making a digital x-ray our team will provide you the best quality interventions. The most common interventions in general dentistry are:
- taking care of emergency pain case,
- fiilings-we are using the top quality fillings to take care of the cavites or broken teeth,
- root canal treatments,
- prevention performed by using fluor products.
All of the dental interventions are performed using local anesthesia,completely painless.


Othodontic treatment can provide you the smile that you wish in the most biological way possible.Using braces or aligners we can put your teeth in the right place within a short time period.In our office we offer you different types of orthodontic treatment adjusted to your desire.We also perform surgical interventions required in the treatment as corticotomy,frenulectomy,gingivectomi,putting mini implants.


Dental prosthetics can provide you replacement of your lost teeth by using crowns,bridges or dentures,in order to recover teeth function and esthetics.Crowns and bridges can be metal-porcelain or nonmetal-porcelain,produced using different manufacture process.After making analisys and examination,concidering patients wishes the dentist will suggest you the best solution.

Oral surgery

In our office we perform extraction on both primary and permanent teeth.


Every check- up includes examination of the soft tissues in the mouth,especially the gums as a part of the supporting tooth tissue. The timing in diagnosing the parodontal disease is really important for its success. Our recommendation is performing ultrasound teeth cleaning at least twice a year,with every regular check-up.

Digital x-ray photography

X-ray photography in our office is taken with digital x-ray machine wich can provide decreased exposition and radiation for the patient.You can have your x-ray photo within 15 seconds.

Laser therapy

Performing the interventions on the soft tissues on the oral cavity we use different kind of lasers in order of cutting the gums or stimulation of fatesr healing and minimising the pain.

Teeth whitening

Usually bad oral hygiene,smoking or consuming coloured drincs can lead to changing the tooth colour.We use the top quality materials to do the whitening of your teeth in just one visit.However,the effect is individual and depends on the tooth structure.